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We are living in a world that is upside down. Where everything natural has become regarded as unnatural. Where those who rules do that in the interest of money and greed. Not in serving the people. And they do that on the behalf of our earth and our health. We believe that we are what others tell us we are and have completely lost ourselves. Forgotten who we really are. We are living our lives mechanically, boxed and boring. We are living inhumanely and unsustainable.

In our world we have been living after the outer. That wich we can touch and see. We should perform and do things and be busy all the time. What´s inside us haven´t been imortant even though that is where all of importance is made. The society has created a template of how it wants us to be, do and think so that we can fit into this system we are living in. Everything supposed to be proved and researched before we believe in it. We don´t trust our inner knowing, our intuition and our feelings. Our inner wisdom, our higher selves where we can find the true knowledge. From our source.

We need to realize that we are not only bodies, but  body mind and soul that are connected. Our bodies are only a reflection of how true we are to ourselves. A temporary dwelling for our soul.  When we don´t listen to our souls and are our true selves we get problems with our bodies beacause of the friction it creates.The flow of energy gets blocked and diseases arise. The more uncomfortable bodies we live in the more job we have to do getting rid of all that wich not belong to us. The first step is to find out who we really are. Then we can release and let go of it.

A Dakini woman listen to her inner wisdom. She is not interested of intellectually explain herself. She just know. She trust her intuition and her feelings and lives them out. She has put aside guilt and shame. She don´t compare herself with others. She is who she is.

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